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The e-commerce.

Solutions for SKU, UPC, ISBN, ...etc.


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Hi to everyone who needs help with this issue,


I have been seeing many posts regarding "Product code (SKU, UPC, ISBN) contribution".


Please follow these steps to solve it:


- It is always important to backup your files and database before modify them.


- Change "ALTER TABLE `commerce`.`products` ADD `product_upc` VARCHAR(12);"




"ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_upc` VARCHAR(12);"


We don't have "commerce" table and also the "s" missing in the "products_upc" query.


- Run the following SQL queries:


1) ALTER TABLE `products` ADD `products_upc` VARCHAR(12);


2) INSERT INTO configuration VALUES ( '', 'Display Product UPC', 'PRODUCT_LIST_UPC', '1', 'Do you want to display the product UPC?', '8', '11', '', '', '', '');


- Duplicate every "products_model" syntax and replace with "products_UPC" in *admin/categories.php, *admin/includes/languages/english.php, *catalog/product_info.php, *catalog/default.php, *catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php


- Put "define('TEXT_PRODUCT_UPC', 'This is the UPC');" in "admin/includes/languages/english/categories.php" page. This is not in the original instruction.


- Go to your Admin Panel and edit your products. You should have an extra file (UPC or whatever of your choice) just after the Product Model field. You can enter your own UPC and update that product.


- Go to the Catalog and browse products. You will now see your UPC code is displayed there along with your product.


:idea: I hope this helps!



- There are very few errors with this contribution such as "catalog/includes/languages/english/default.php" should be "catalog/default.php" and so on...

- osCommerce is an open source and does not seem to be giving us a hard time. This is just an individul error (by the contributors).

- Mine may not be the best one too, and could also have mistake. So, please discuss for more when you have better solutions.



Santa Monica, CA

Everything is possible.

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Sorry about the mistake in above post.


- Change "ALTER TABLE `commerce`.`products` ADD `product_upc` VARCHAR(12);"


where commerce is your database name so you can keep the same name or change it your db name.



Thank you.



Santa Monica, CA

Everything is possible.

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