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Adding items in no categories in the Admin?


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I was messing around with the categories in the admin and notice that when i just started listing items with out creating a category, all my top level items dont get listed in the categories box?? Why is that?? Do you have to create a category before you start adding items?? Doesnt seem so, since the admin lets you start adding items with out first creating a category. Please advise. Thanks, JOhnnyosc

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It is possible to have products in the 'root' of OSCommerce, and with some moderate tweaking, you can have these listed normally, and even have sub-categories listed before your actual products.


I'd recommend using OSC the way it was intended, and sort your products into their correct categories so that there are no products in your root, only categories.


To be honest, i havent tried to do a listing as your suggesting as i dont really see a requirement that warrents it, however i may be wrong.


If i am not however, it might be worth disabling the product addition if the current category is root?

Regards, Jay.

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  • 3 months later...

I have also seen products in the categories box without them being in a category.


I am only selling 6 items and would like to have the links visible in the categories box, there is no point in placing them one level down!


But I don't know how to do it?


Any advice, (loaded 5 release)



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