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Sessions not working!


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I have installed an affiliate script on my store, I got this finished mainly due to other posts in these forums, so thanks for that.


Here is what i did and my problem.

In checkout_process.php i added this

$myorder_total = $total_cost + $total_tax;

$myorder_id = $insert_id;




and in checkout success i added the following line,

<img src="http://www.mysite.com/cgi-bin/af/sale.cgi?cashflow=<?php echo $myorder_total; ?>&secret=secret&goods=<?php echo $myorder_id; ?>" border=0>


Now when i test this using the payment method Cheque/money order, I dont leave the store and everything works fine the sale works and the affiliate commission is triggered.


However, when I choose to pay via worldpay, I am sent to there servers and then I return to Checkout_success the order total and order id have not been passed???


Has anybody any idea why this isnt working???

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Ok, I think I have now worked out the problem so maybe someone can help with an update :)


Basically when the user pays via worldpay he is sent to another server (worldpays) he pays then gets asked to click on a link to finish the transaction which forwards him/her back to the site and the checkout_success page!


Now when they return to the success page the session ID is not called and the info stored is not retrieved.


So how do i retrieve the session ID :(

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Might I just add.


That create a pciture mod you have on your site is fantastic!!


Would like to implement something similar on my site for case mods.


Very very nice!

Let me know by PM if you can give me pointers on how you went about doing this please.



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Oh yeah I was gonna post that info!!


Im on V2.1 stable release of OS as for worldpay im not sure, I had the site built for me as i didnt know enough, im learning now though. So its probably the only version of Worldpay that works with that. I think the payment module is called wp.php and I using Worldpay select.


Hope thats enough info, i dont think it has anything to do with Worldpay I just need to get the session when i return to the cart, or maybe im wrong :(

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