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Authorize.net Quirks and Transaction Key Updated in Admin


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Hello Everyone,


I just finished fixing my authorize.net credit card module of a few quirks.


1) On the checkout page, it said "authorize.net" as the option for credit cards. This was somewhat confusing to me, and I can only imagine what customers were thinking. I changed it to read: "Credit Card". This only causes a bit of confusion when you go to admin because you have a Generic credit card option and an authorize.net option (which now reads credit card). I can keep it striaght!


2) Credit Card Expiry Date? I was able to fix this as well. It now reads: Credit Card Expiration Date.




Both of these can be fixed by going to the catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment folder and opening the file called authorize.net. On line 13 change 'Authorize.net' to 'Credit Cards'. On line 18 change 'credit card expiry date' to "Credit Card Expiration Date'.



The next problem I solved was an Issue with authorize.net


Recently, there was a change in the Simple Integration Method (SIM) protocol. I downloaded my OSC 2.2 snapshot around Dec 13, 2002. I have spent the past 2 months building and modifying the site. I was trying to go to a live test for credit card processing, when I discovered I could not communicate with authorize.net. I checked out the forums here, and discovered a Transaction Key is now needed. My snapshot did not contain a transaction key. Rather than delete all my hard work, and start over, I decided to try to figure out which files would control that function, and replace them.

I figured it out. :shock:




I replaced the following files of my Dec 13, 2002 snapshot with the same files of a Feb13, 2003 snapshot.



1) catalog/includes/modules/payment/authorize.net.php


2) catalog/checkout_process.php


3) catalog/admin/modules.php


4) catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php


I am not completely sure if all of these files need to be replaced. I changed the 4 files, then went to admin to test it. Maybe only 2 or 3 are needed.


NOTE: Before you replace these files, you really should turn OFF the authorize.net module in admin. When you are done replacing the files, turn the module back on, enter your user name transaction key, etc, and you should be in business.

After replacing these files, the admin module now prompts me for a transaction key. I have tested the credit card module, and it works!! :)

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