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SSL Question


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My host installed a free ssl cert for me on one domain, which is on a shared server therefore shared ip, now i want to install one on one of my other domains and they tell me i need a dedicated ip...is this true or do they just want to charge me money for the dedicated ip???

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I came across a GREAT website last night... it's run by Comodo (InstantSSL) though displays information about the top SSL providers.


Website: www.whichssl.com


I've made my choice... I'm going with an InstantSSL Pro, look at the stats and informaiton and you will see that the site is pretty unbiased and a good source.


Anyway... hope it helps,


"The price of success is perseverance. The price of failure comes much cheaper."

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why not support OSC and use the banner in the top roght of your screen.

( PAIR networks)


I believe they sell the InstantSSL range of certificates and you'll help support your favourite software package !


The prices are the same and they are by the same company !


Go On !


PS: I have nothing to do with either company

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How does the math work here?


Comodo InstantSSL

99% of browsers: IE 5+, NS 4+, Opera 5+


Verisign, Thawte

99% of browsers: IE 4+, NS 4+, Opera 4+


All three 99% even though Comodo is supported by less browsers?


That whichssl site is owned by Comodo, so expect them to be bias.


Nice marketing though - just be careful of who you trust.

:heart:, osCommerce

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It is the nature of how SSL works that you need an IP address for each CERT installed on a machine. In vary basic terms it works like this:


Server has many websites using one IP address. The request from a user is sent to the servers IP address and the webserver knows which site to serve pages from based on the requested host name (ie: www.yoursite.com).


Now the problem with SSL is that the whole packet is encrypted including the requested host name. The server needs to know which certificate too use to decrypt the packet, but the host name is encrypted, so the only way for the server to differentiate which certificate to use is by the requested IP address.


Hope this helps.

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