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The e-commerce.

Changed the color - Whadda' Ya' think?


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Hi All,


My former all primary color scheme was apparently a bit too bright. I have toned it down some...better?


The store is LIVE...please, make a note in the comments if you create a test account or place a test order.


Thanks for all of the help!

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Looks good.


However ... :shock:


I fill my cart with lots of goodies ... I go to checkout ... I see this big page to fill in my info for an account ... burried in there is in tiny print if you have an account, please login over on the left ...


I get confused ... I packup my toys (and Visa Card) and go home ... :(

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Perhaps put the login where you have the text to login on the left ... on its own submit button


And then, if they have no account they use the form below.


At the same time, when on that page, set the login box on the left to disappear.

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Love it Kim!, Looks great!


Would you remove the annoying (graphic dot) just below the birdy's head.


Colours great!


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Thanks Jeff! I'm pretty happy with the new colors.




I revamped the create_account and login pages. Hopefully they are more understandable now???


Thanks for the help!

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Very very nice ... :D


That is really nice. Very clean clear and precise ...


Are you making your Zip as we speak? 8)


Check your checkout page there is an extra cart total tossed out to the top left corner in the outside of the store ... perhaps a testing thingy?

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I looked at your site a couple of days ago, must have been before your post and thought I was seeing things :) I thought the colors were different. Very, very nice.


How did you create the category pages?


I like the overall look and feel, and as a bird person, I like looking at the stuff too :-)



[no external urls in signatures please, kthanks]

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Nope you weren't seeing things...I did change the colors...


The normal category are the small icons in rows of three. I am using the categories description contrib and I just made the icons into big buttons, changed the 3 columns to 1, and removed the text part of the link. Much cleaner and simpler, I think anyway. :D

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