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[Contribution] SID Killer v1.1


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I've installed your SID Killer (thank you very much for your contribution!) and the Add to Cart Forms contrib but still seem to have some problems:


I am using Atomz search on my site as my local search engine -- I don't know if Google behaves the same but:


1) Even though I have excluded login.php in my robots.txt, it is redirected to the secure URL and an SID is generated. Here is an example from the crawl log:


356: 02/16 05:11:47 Crawling http://www.libermansound.com/catalog/produ...ify&language=en


357: 02/16 05:11:47 Redirecting to https://hs17.order-vault.net/libermansound/...11fdc877d12f4eb


2) I am still getting hundreds of results when searching for a word that should bring up maybe 10 results. It seems that every possible combination product or manufacturer's page is appearing, including separate entries for every possible language with every possible column sorting. Also (but not listed below) it is following the "Notify" links for every product:


41: 02/16 05:06:51 Crawling http://www.libermansound.com/catalog/defau...&page=1&sort=2d

42: 02/16 05:06:52 Crawling http://www.libermansound.com/catalog/defau...=2d&language=en

43: 02/16 05:06:53 Crawling http://www.libermansound.com/catalog/defau...=2d&language=es

44: 02/16 05:06:54 Crawling http://www.libermansound.com/catalog/defau...e=1&language=en

45: 02/16 05:06:55 Crawling http://www.libermansound.com/catalog/defau...e=1&language=es


Any ideas on how to eliminate these problems?




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