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The e-commerce.

want to speeding up but how!!


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To cut cpu load I have seen you have to do this


1) enabling cache - I have done

2) removing product counts - I have done

3) disabling who's online

4) disabling best sellers

5) disabling page parse time

6) disable persistent database connections - i have done

7) use file based sessions

8) disable request count


But i cannot find any ifo on ho w to do the rest.


I have searched this forum and the oscdox


Thanks mark

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Use the gZip and Mo_pics contributions also... they'll make a significant in client load time.




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If you've done those things and your osC shop is still slow you

should look into your hosting company.

Most shared hosting servers will have 200 to 500 domains running on a single server... or even more. They all share the same bandwidth...


You might want to look at that. Shared hosting is saving money on the wrong thing IMHO, get a dedicated server if you can.



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