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shipping methods not working


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Hi have Linda's Qty Controller 5.1 installed on a Dec 2002 snapshot -for some reason the free shipping is the only shipping method that presents itself in the store -If i turn all of the others on (Flat rate, per item etc) they don't show up as options in the cart. If I turn off the free shipping and turn on all other methods, I can't continue in the order process because no shipping methods are listed to choose.


Where do i start looking to resolve this?


Also, where is the language for the shipping methods?



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The Shipping language files are in /catalog/includes/language/english/modules/shipping/


Take a look at your catalog/checkout_shipping.php. Also do a view source on the page itself in your browser. That will help to see what is actually being generated by osC.


Hope this helps.


Good Luck.



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The Free Shipping and Free Payment feature is looking at Cart weight and total price.


Each of the shipping and payment modules have an IF statement around the enable to determin which ones show or do not show based on the Cart weight and total.


Depending on which snapshot you have, if you over wrote that feature or overwrote the logic in the shipping.php or payment.php files then you will run into this problem.


Look at the original shipping and payment modules that came with the Add-on, and see how the logic is done and it can be applied to the new shipping and payment modules if you have updated them.

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