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HELP: What Is CHMOD And How Do I Do It?


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Hello All,


I'm running OSC on W2K box in localhost mode. The installation instruction said to CHMOD /configure.php and /admin/includes/configure.php to 644.


The million $ question is: what is CHMOD and how do CHMOD these files :lol: ? I appreciate help and suggestions.





Curiousity kills the cat but not George ;-).

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chmod is the application to CHange the MOde of files on a server. If you are being asked to use it then you must have access to a shell. To get help to use it, simply type "man chmod" to get to the chmod manual entry.


The basic command goes like this:


chmod 755 filename or, for a whole directory, chmod -r 755 dirname


The numbers refer to read, write and execute modes for user, group and world, respectively (one digit each) that you can assign the files. You can figure it out by looking at the chmod manual entry. You can also grant particular modes to a file by using +r to grant read permission, +w for write permission and +x for execute permission:


For example:


chmod +w filename


Good luck!


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Jeez, I forgot the bottom half of your post by the time I had writting that:


644 = read + write, read, read permission for the files


all you do is type chmod 644 [filename]


As BirdBrain said, if you are using WinBloze, then set the above permissions as user = read_write, group=read and world=read


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