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How do you handle the 2Checkout.com Checkout problem


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I think someone posted details of a contribution that set up a seperate db table which held details of all orders that were going to be processed by 2checkout - the idea being that in "emergency" situations like the one you describe, you could just go and have a look at the raw db data.


I've been meaning to install the contribution myself, but just haven't got round to it ...


I don't find it happens often (maybe twice a month) but each time it does it makes me wish that I'd found time to fix it!




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before the PayPal IPN mod came around we had this problem alot with paypal


you need to add some text to the Confirmation page direct your customers to make sure they click the link on the final page that will return them to your site


2checkout, and paypal will both tell them there payment was sent successfully, so the customer will close there window and not click the link to bring them back to OSC to finalize the order, I had pretty good sucess with adding in BIG BOLD letters instrutions on how to finish the order,


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from another thread:

Here's the dope on 2CO. I've been using them for 6 months.


The catalog/includes/modules/payment/pm2checkout.php file has this line of code in it as part of the $process_button_string variable:




This is the return URL passed to 2CO. You can also set this within 2CO (i.e. http://www.mysite.com/catalog/checkout_process.php), but from my experience the URL you pass takes precedence over the URL you enter into the 2CO admin screen. So, just pass it in the 2CO payment module.



If you prefer to have the customer enter their CC info at 2CO vs. your site (because you aren't on SSL, for example), then check out this thread for the changes to pm2checkout that you need to make:





If the customer does not click the "Finish Order" button at 2CO and return to your site, then the order will not be entered into your database. This is because the order completion process happens on checkout_process.php after the customer returns from 2CO. This is transparent to the customer in that upon return, they hit checkout_process.php where the order is loaded into db and then they get auto-redirected to checkout_success.php.


In the situation where they don't hit the Finish Order button, the order is logged at 2CO with the customer name, order total, etc however, the order is not in your osC database. I've had this problem and had to ask the customer what they purcahsed. Embarrassing. To get around this, I hacked together a contribution which you can get here:




HTH everyone,



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