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OSC Database Guru's - Please Read


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Hi all -


We are running an old snapshot of OSC that we got in May 2002, and upgrading to a completely new snapshot using a different set of files since the old one was hacked to pieces by us. :) My programmers say that the database has changed quite a bit since the old snapshot.


My question is: I want to incorporate our couple thousand customers order history into the new store, without affecting (or infecting, as it were, since the old store is so horrendously filled with bugs!) the new store in any fashion, database, code or otherwise.


I want to see the # of orders listed on the admin bluescreen, and be able to view them in the order list. That's pretty much all.


My programmers attempted to do this, and instead of just transfering over a couple tables, they said they had to transfer nearly 20 tables including Geo_zone and Tax tables, etc etc etc. After they did it, all kinds of things changed on the store. The tax system from the old store was now showing up. The label for the tax amount on orders was now blank. Complications. So i told them to roll back.


I don't want the buggy, unstable old store affecting the new store in any way unless its absolutely necessary.


How do I get previous orders into the new store in the most bare bones way, including only the most basic information like name, address, credit card, and order history? Programmers say its not possible. That you have to move many many tables.





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I am in a similar situation .. although moving only several hundred records vs thousands..


What I have done is modify the table structure in customers/orders/order history .. etc. in the old database to match the new one .. then dumped the data one table at a time and imported it into the new database.

I have been 99% successfull.


My remaining problem is now the admin area and the customer member area show duplicates for order history while the database only has one :?

Here is a screenshot of the admin area...



If anyone has any advice on how to fix that I would be extremely grateful.

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My advise to the both of you would be to create a copy of your php files in a subdir, assign it to a new DB (ie catalog_2) and copy / alter that untill you are statisfied with the results. Then sync the data and swich the current shop to the new db.




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Good advice.. and that's pretty much what I did..

the new and old for that matter databases .. via phpMyAdmin show only one instance of each order.

The shop however shows 2. I am using the November-loaded shop from Ian's website for the 'new' store btw.

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well.. a bit more talking to myself and I figured it out .


The orders_total table had duplicates in it .. how/why/where .. who knows .. all I know is, that there are 2 sets of records for some order_id's.

As you can see in the screenshot below..




I hope nobody has the same problem .. but deleting the duplicates does work.

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