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Gift Voucher purchase stuck on checkout_shipping


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Hi all,


I've searched thoroughly for the answer to this, but I'm now admitting defeat and posting a request for help :cry:


Installed the current GV contribution (OSC snapshot from December) and it's all working great apart from the fact that customers cannot purchase vouchers.


When adding a voucher to the cart (yes, it has GIFT at the beginning of the model no), everything seems OK until you try to checkout. Clicking on the "Continue" button on checkout_shipping just reloads the page - no error message, but no progress either!


Anyone got any ideas?






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I just had this problem. It was because I had not used the weight field for any products and shipping is based on weight.


If you're not currently defining a weight:


edit your products table and change all products_weight values to 1. Not an elegant solution, but not a bad one, either.


That will get you moving again. Be sure to enable Free Ship in shipping modules admin. Now, when you enter a voucher, define its weight as 0 and the user won't get charged shipping for buying a gift cxertificate...

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Thanks - that partially solved the problem, but it also put me on the right track towards fixing it properly :)


Just in case anyone else has the same problem ....


I had already set the weight of the vouchers as being 0

What I hadn't done was switch on the Free Shipping module via admin :oops:


Changing the weight to 1 allowed checkout to proceed normally, apart from the fact that shipping was charged (I use zone shipping).


As soon as I switched Linda's Free Shipping on and reset the weight to 0, everything worked perfectly.






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