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Authorize.net (SIM) ASP work around...


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Hello all and thank you for reading this post! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


Currently, when I have customers go through Authorize.net and they don't select 'Click Here to Finialize Transaction', the response back to my gateway never gets processed. Yet the transaction has been made (both paid and received). Right now I'm logging in manually to Authorize.net to confirm the monies have been received and updating the gateway db manually. I've read all the material on Authorize.net SIM for this issue and I cant seem to find the answer anywhere. Moreover, it appears other developers haven't blogged enough because I can't seem to find a work around.


Neither of these script are getting an error. Everything in the scripts work fine, it's just the user is not clicking the finalize button after they complete the transaction on the authorize.net site, which calls the other processing script. That script updates the invoice, closes it and credits the certificate credits to the customer post transaction. If the transaction is successful and the user clicks the button, everything works properly. What I want to do is prevent the reliance on the user clicking the button, have the system (authorize.net) automatically respond to my processing script when the transaction completes. I also want to be able to record "declined" transactions, which I suspect I could if I can find a way for it to automatically respond back to the system after the transaction is complete. Currently when a transaction is declined the button isn't present so nothing gets recorded back to the system.


Any input, direction, samples or methods of 'Relay_Response' that could ensure this work around, would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you all for your time,



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