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Credit Card Information

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For some reason all the sudden my customers credit card information wont show up on the invoices. Only thing recently done was adding the ccv, but it was working after that.


Also when I try to email from the site it never makes it to our inbox and we dont get the notice of a new order via email.


Thank you,



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What credicard module do you use? Why should the cc info appear on the invoice?


Did you fill out the "send extra emails" option in admin?


Well the creditcard information use to be the credit card number, expiration date, and 3 digit code, that way I can charge the customer.


I filled out the send extra email option with our email adress. But like when I got to test it even where you fill out the email information to ask questions and it doesnt even send one then.

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You need to install a payment module for creditcard payments, and you will NOT see all this info in an email, you will just get the money, and thats what you need. The charging will happen via the payment company. Nobody will send you all his cc info by mail so that you can charge whatever and whenever you like.


You mean the "contact us" doesn't work? You can try reading here at email issues

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Its not even safe to store the credit card details in your database, if it does you should get a contribution to stop it happening.

With processing Credit card details from your site you need to make sure your PCI compliance is good.

Also make sure that your admin is SSL.

If the mail was working make sure you have not changed the default address, or the mail box is not full on the server.

you can also check you error logs.

If none of this is good, remove what you changed and try it again


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Ok, Just to clear a few things.. Before when people would place an order the would put in their credit card info. Then when we would check the site cause we never got emails about new orders, we would then print that out. Make an invoice through our quickbooks and then we would have to manually type the credit information into our machine. Without the information we can not charge people without calling them and telling them we have had an error and need their information. I havent changed any of the payment module or anythign like that.

As far as I can tell nothign has changed except that the information will not appear on the invoice through oscommerce.

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