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if you use port :81 on your router it is better than port 80

many ip providers block port 80 but not port 81

thisis number one make sure router has http putty and allthe ports available for the server



if you are on putty you need to proxy into server before the setup will run

the thing will spin and spin and nothing



persmissions of files chmod 777 main files

change back to chmod 755 after done setting up



mysql use local host


also download webmin it will help you

also download phpmyadmin and setup your initial dats base with it

forget the new error message phpadmin says just add a database



all your main page can be modified with webmin or command line



the main page will have a tab beside catalog you can make the tab beside blank on the .php page it refers to and it willdissapear so no one can see the link to the server



in summary port 81 www/var/osc/store chmod files find the php file for english not for generic

each php file seems to have a duplicate modify the one for your language the css pages have 2 pages if memory is right

you can modify the css but i would leave the h1 h2 h3 h4 alone unless yo uknow css

just modify the other file with collors etc etc the grey bar above i do not know how to change i mess it up everytime

picture images change the image to 100x150 will fix small image upload


modules just download unzip in another folder use your windows samba to copy files over but not overright entire directories just new file


thats about it

very simple

good luck

i am working on the csv module for uploading n bulk

wish me well i am new to this too

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