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Hello all,


I have been trying to install oscommerce now for a couple of weeks and i have not yet succeeded.

Want I want is:


- Install oscommerce

- Install add on STS

- Install add on Header Tags SEO


I got as far as installing STS, but after trying to install Header Tags SEO everything went wrong and now I even can't get STS to work again.

First of all my question is if the latest version of STS (v4.5.8) is compatible with an earlier version of oscommerce (v2.2 RC2)? I am installing it with fantastico so I can't choose the version myself.

If this is a problem I could try to install the latest version of oscommerce manually, but I am scared it will all go wrong again. I took a look at how to do that and for example I don't know where to get the following information:


Database - Local server


Where can I find this? I have phpMyadmin. I found something, but I am not sure this has to do with it:

Server: Localhost via UNIX socket

User: mysecretdbusername@localhost


Anyway, you can see I am not an expert, but sure planning to become one!


Does anybody have tips on how best to install oscommerce if you want the 2 addons mentiones earlier? And if someone could tell me where to get the database local server, at least I could try installing it manually a try.


Thanks in advance!




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Hi Marleen


It doesn't mater how you install osc as long as you know where (in what folder) in is located, it correspnds with the database and you have a local copy of all files on your computer


A. The "manual" installation is not a problem, there is not much to do "manually". It's described countless times, but here it is again


1) You go to the download page and get the osc, I have version v2.2 RC2a

2) You upload all files to your server. You need to know to where you are uploading them, you have the option to upload the complete "catalog" as it is (shop will be at mydomain.com/catalog) or all files of catalog, without the folder (shop will be at mydomain.com)

3) Then you create a database via your cpanel. You need to remember the database name, database user and password, write it down on a paper

4) you run the installation process like mydomain/catalog/install, or mydomain/install, depends on where you upload the files.

5) server will be localhost user and password is what you set.

6) thats all, there is a documntation and a topic here about the first steps after that.


B. Contributions. Most probably you'll install many of them. STS and header tags SEO are things I use too and they are absolutelly compatible. Take it step by step and always back up any file you use BEFORE doing any changes in it. Be careful to follow the instuctions EXACTLY. Even the smallest dot matters. In cases where the database is involved (like header Tags seo) you should also back up the database before you run any sql's


For problems you may have during installations, just post the problem, or error exactly in this forum.



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