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Add text to contact_us.php


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use the search button in the right upper corner of this screen.

It does wonders ;)



And you might want to checkout contributions section as that has some mods to display addresses and such.


Also good start is http://guide.oscdox.com



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Why not just do it in HTML?


It doesnt all have to be code you know.


If you just want to add the address and telephone number or something do it by HTML.


There are contributions to do this dynamically, but really, how often do you change your address or telephone number etc??!



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In the contact.php file in your main shop folder, you need to add the following line:


define('TEXT_MAIN', 'Your text here' );


You need to make sure you have a space before 'Your and after here'

You need to make sure the text you add is between the two ' ' marks.

you also need to ensure that any words containing the ' character (such as it's, where's, you're, etc) have a before the ' mark (it's becomes it's, etc)

The text you add may be html, as long as it is within the ' ' marks

Not doing all of the above will prevent any text you add from showing up.




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You dont have to do that at all...


Just open the contact_us page with a program like DW MX if you have it, and put in your text.


There is no magic formula.


Make sure you are not putting your text in between php tags.


Just make sure it is between cells etc.


Then upload, cntrl & f5 and if you have done it right it will show.


It is the most basic thing to do!

All you are doing is adding text somewhere between the <html></html>.



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