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The e-commerce.

Integrate Wordpress Blog Rev 2

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I have been asked to make a thread for this contrib. so here it is:


Integrate Wordpress Blog Rev 2


This is the integration of wordpress into your oscommerce store.


I used this modification: http://www.michaelwender.com/page/blog/arc...ommerce-part-ii


I have edited it a bit for better integration.


Hope this helps someone impement a blog a little better.



Installation Notes


This should be all you need to get started.




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Many Thanks for your contribution Technoicon!


Your test site looks great. So does mine when it wants to work correctly!

I think that I have only three problems:


ONE, application_top.php looses the $language value as soon as I browse to mywebsite.com/blog.php.

So instead of looking for the file named "english.php" it looks for a file named ".php" and then, it gives me this error:


Warning: main(includes/languages/.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

in .................includes\application_top.php on line 290


Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/languages/.php' (include_path='...........................)

in ..................................\includes\application_top.php on line 290


note: line 290= require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '.php');


The worse is that it puts the whole mywebsite.com/ down for half an hour: I have the same error (same reason, no value in $language) on any page I browse to afterward !!!



TWO, If I cheat and insert $language = "english"; before line 290, it will give me another error and also puts the whole mywebsite.com/ down for half an hour:


Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in ................includes\application_top.php on line 320


note: line 320=


If I cheat and remove that code, the blog WORKS and works well !!!

And since I removed the right column in blog.php it looks really good even without widget!


But the problem number THREE is that the categories box on the left column is now empty!


Any idea?

Should I merge the two databases?


Thanks for your help!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry to rebound!


Just to be clear, where should I upload wordpress.conf ?

I'm on Apache (not dedicated).

When ftp the very top, I can find: /etc/ and inside find: /etc/mywebsite.com/

also: /public_html/ and inside: /public_html/wordpress/

my osc index.php is in /public_html/


My provider tells me that Apache will consider that wwwroot = /public_html/

and that I shoud upload wordpress.conf to /public_html/wordpress/




For safety reasons, I actually installed wordpress in /public_html/mysafeblog/

Do I need to rename wordpress.conf to mysafeblog.conf ?


Thanks for your help!

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