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The e-commerce.

Working, but a few Questions


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All, Firstly, if this is posted elsewhere I apologize... this forum for some reason will not allow me to search for anything. So please don't chastize me!


Okay, so I have installed it and I have downloaded and uploaded a sample file with no changes - no problem. I have downloaded, changed and uploaded the sample file and no problem... well no errors.


So what I changed was I added the custom fields:

$custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS] = array( 'products_size' => 'Product Size', 'products_uom' => 'U.O.M.' );
$custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION] = array( 'products_size' => 'Product Size', 'products_uom' => 'U.O.M.' );


(Now I beleive this may be an error in itself, as looking at it I am guessing that it should only be added to the second and not the first. Confirm?)


Now it uploaded it just fine, but (and maybe I am unclear on whether this is supposed to happen or not) I cannot see the fields in my add product form, nor can I see the fields in the product details on the front end. Again, I might be mistaken on the functionality of this. Am I missing or incorrectly assuming something here?


here is the shortened, changed sample file: http://spog.bz/temp/shortened.csv


Now the next question I have is that I want to upload extra fields that will be visible to the public in the product details and others that are to be invisible to the public, but included in the export of orders.

The sample file of our current product spreadsheet is here: http://spog.bz/temp/sample_our_products.csv

I have not changed the headers to match, but know how to do this. But the fields that I am concerned about hiding are:


The feilds that I want visible are:

SIZE and U.O.M.


Is there a way to choose if they are hidden or shown (Again assuming here)?


Also is there a way to hide the model number from being displayed on public end and to change the model numbering sequence to strictly numerical?


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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hmmm... thought I was posting this to the tread about Easy Populate... Apparently it was not... So please keep in mind this is regarding the EASY POPULATE CONTRIBUTION


To be able to maintain these new fields in admin you need to edit /admin/categories.php.


You also need to edit product_info.php to show new fields to the general public.


If you want to hide fields that are already on the page edit product_info.php to remove them.

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