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The e-commerce.

Checkout from 'Stored cart' - Please help


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Hi all,


I am very new to oscommerce atmosphere. I have downloaded oscommerce-2.2rc2a.zip and everything worked fine for me.

Now, I have a requirement to save cart permanently.. I have a button near to chekout 'save cart' which saves the current products in the

cart to a newly created table.


So even after checkout, or whatever, when I logged back, I can restore each customers "stored cart" back and display in a page.


What my problem is, I need to give a checkout button here and when clicking on to this button, this stored products also has to be merged with the

current session..

Just to make it more comprehensive,


I have saved 5 products and logged out. (So stored products = 5)

After some days, I logged in , and added 3 new products to my cart

Then visited the stored cart page and pressed checkout button - Then this 5 stored products and 3 added products has to be in the

current session...


How can I do this? I saw one table sessions, but I dont know how to use it.. There is also customers_basket table..


Please help/guide me. I am really stuck with this..


Thanks in advance,


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