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ip trap, ht.access and site monitor problems


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Hi all, as advised I have transferred my posts to here, any help is much appreciated, Chris.




Sam, thank you for the wonderful post.


I have installed security pro, and then moved onto Ip Trap. I have followed the instructions and I have tested it but all that happens when I type in mywebsite/catalog/personal is that it comes up with the browser error message of http 404 not found. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it isn't working? One thing I was confused about during the installation is that there was 2 robot.txt files. I have put one in the catalog folder and the other one in the root, is this right?



Any help is much appreciated, I'm sure my brains going to explode before the days out, lol








Right, still got the problem with ip trap and now have another problem. I have installed site monitor and once I configured it in the admin I clicked update and this error message came up 'Cannot change the mode of file (/var/www/vhosts/mywebsite/httpdocs/catalog/admin/sitemonitor_configure.php)'


Anybody got any idea's,







Chris. (brain cannot take much more of a hammering,lol)



Still got the first 2 problems and now I am having trouble with the ht.access contribution. I take it you just copy and paste all the scripts straight into the ht.access file and only adding my website address where required (if I am wrong then please correct me). However I have had a look at the folders and I have got 2 ht.access files, 1 in the admin folder and 1 in the catalog folder. Which file should I put these scripts in?






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