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FEDEX WSDL for v3 to v2.2


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I agree, this module needs to be created to work reliably as FedEx will phase out support for the current version.


I did some digging, and found this module for ZenCart: http://www.numinix.com/zen-cart-modules/shipping/fedex-smartpost-shipping-module


I can't verify that it works for them, but in examining the underlying code, it appears that it is more feature rich, and is using the RateService_v9.wsdl which should support Smartpost.


Hope this help someone...

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I can't expect this to die as Fedex is quite a large postage company, however it is important that it is made soon.


I have been talking to the IT web department from FedEx to see if they have any type of support for this, as their current "web server" software isn't really as easy to integrate as they are making out.


Interestingly i cannot get this module to even display an error, nothing comes up other than a heading, if this is added. So it is not a sort order issue.

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racaine, the problem seems to be the server configuration. I got the same error, updated php and apache, got soap client and soap server enabled and got a new error:


String:SSL support is not available in this build


John Kam with my host Servint said the error message above (String:SSL support is not available in this build) meant that PHP was likely not built with support for SSL. He used cPanel's easyapache script, to recompile PHP with the OpenSSL module, which fixed the problem.


For what it is worth, my current configuration is PHP Version 5.2.17, OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008 with soap client and soap server enabled.

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