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Displaying prices with tax


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First thing first, everything is set up correctly, but because I have two tax zones, my shop won't display prices with tax unless you're logged in.


Basically this is what happened:


My store is Australia and I have my tax zone for Australia with all the states listed under Australia.


I was using RegionBoxed to ship to Victoria at one price, and the other states, interstate, at another price.

I wanted to expand this a little more with increasing prices and weight increased but RegionBoxed isn't working.


I followed the format of x:y:z and also x:y,z because the guide says one thing, but the example says another... Nevertheless, it wasn't working.


So what I did was use another module which used zones but the only way to separate the zones was to create two tax zones.

It worked and allowed me to increase the price as weight increased, unlike RegionBoxed which wasn't working.


However, the result is as above; taxes won't display unless logged in.


I'd much prefer to have the format of RegionBoxed and keep one tax zone but able to separate the prices, rather than having two tax zones.


So question is, can anyone help me figure out how to get RegionBoxed to work.

Otherwise, how to get the taxes to display when not logged.

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No, the issue is, even with the option on, I have two tax zones, and when a customer is not logged in, the shop doesn't know which zone to use, thus on or off, no tax is shown.


But the thing is, both zones have the same tax and the reason why I split it was so that I could use the shipping module I found.


Preferably, I'd rather use RegionBoxed but it doesn't work as it should, which is why I resorted to the second module I found, but now has this issue.


If someone can help me solve RegionBoxed, that'd be excellent. Otherwise, if there is a way to display one of the tax zones even if a user isn't logged.

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