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Better Product display + FilterList bug


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As it is written in the topic, i am using 2 contributions: Better Product display + FilterList. So i have changed the looks of the product listing page. And it works just fine till i choose a specified manufacturer. It does show me products of that manufacturer. The problem is that the discription of the product dissapears.


Basically, it shows the Title, than a short discription, the price and 2 buttons: Buy now and Continue. But when i choose a manufacturer from a drop down list, it shows the correct products without that short discription. There is just blank space there. And i have to go to the main page, then go to the product listing page again to see it.


Any ideas?


Thank you! Really sorry for my bad english


PS. Here is my product_listing.php page

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I have the same problem, i can't see the whole text i ad on my product page.


Please visit the site: http://www.coyoteriders.be/product_info.ph...amp;language=fr


login: private7

pasw: user7


Let me know what is the problem? I can't see my other words after: "1. Realtimemelding van"


Maybe you can help me?








So problem solved, just had to move the include_once(FILENAME_FILTER); to the very top of product_listing.php...
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