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Page redirect issues


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I really need help tring to figure out why when customers come to my site they are being redirected to a totally new site. New links to www.bead-jewelled-crafts.com appear out of no where, while I am navigating through my site.



I don't have a really good knowledge of PHP so i cant find the problem in the file management. to see what i am speaking about please visit my site www.twelfthdegree.com/shop



If anyone can please help me asap. I would really appreciate it my site is live and i am starting to get a couple people's traffic. :blink:






David Peterson

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being redirected to a totally new site

This may be coming from your shared server /tmp folder... go to admin > configuration > cache > and set it to 'false". and see if that will fix it...

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I don't see it... I stay on your site the whole time (about 12 clicks). There is a virus out that that jacks your links... Jared's computer got infected even with layers and layers of firewalls/ antivirus. You click on one link, it takes you to another but that has mostly to do with search engines not regular sites. Good luck!

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