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change shopping cart table and other tables


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I have been given a psd file with rounded tables and custom table headings.


I need to add these in RC2 but the table is generated dynamically.


Is there a way I can add the table data to the file without using STS or other package? I would like it hard coded.


<table width="710" height="206" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" id="Table_01">
		<img src="images/product_info_box_01.png" width="32" height="26" alt=""></td>
	<td colspan="2" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
		<img src="images/product_info_box_02.png" width="650" height="26" alt=""></td>
		<img src="images/product_info_box_03.png" width="28" height="26" alt=""></td>
	<td valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
		<img src="images/product_info_box_04.png" width="32" height="152" alt=""></td>
	<td colspan="2" valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"> </td>
<td valign="top" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
		<img src="images/product_info_box_06.png" width="28" height="152" alt=""></td>
		<img src="images/product_info_box_07.png" width="32" height="28" alt=""></td>
	<td bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
		<img src="images/product_info_box_08.png" width="145" height="28" alt=""></td>
	<td bgcolor="#000000">
		<img src="images/product_info_box_09.png" width="505" height="28" alt=""></td>
		<img src="images/product_info_box_10.png" width="28" height="28" alt=""></td>


That is one of the tables I have used

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