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How To Change Servers w/OSC?


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I had to do an emergency change of hosting accounts. I had a bad host company that couldn't keep my site up, so I had to switch to a more reliable hosting company.


I copied all the OSC files (ftp) and exported the database from phpmyadmin (all from the old hosting company).


I uploaded all the files up into my new hosting account. I created a new database in the new hosting account with same name as the old one. I went into the two configure.php files in OSC (in the new hosting account) and started to enter the new config information (new database path, etc).


I then noticed that the absolute path in the two configure.php files is different from what it was originally was in the old hosting account.


In the old hosing account, it was: /home/users/web/b2546/ipw.myusername/public_html


In OSC, it was showing as: /hermes/bosweb/web254/b2546/ipw.myusername/public_html/


My guess is OSC adds some extra code for some type of encryption (security measure). I went ahead and entered the new absolute path for the new hosting account, but when I try to view the site, it just says "warning" with a pink background.


Any ideas on how I can get this fixed? I have a lot of addins installed so it would be great to avoid a fresh install. I still have access to the old hosting account (database, etc). Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I went ahead and did a fresh install in a new hosting account, wrote over the new files with my edited ones from the previous install, made the database adjustments for the addins, and everything seems to be working OK.


Ironically, with the new hosting account, the absolute path doesn't have the extra stuff in it as with the other hosting account.


I put the cart on a temporary website because it will eventually be in the root or our main site, which causes problems for now because our main site is live with lots of traffic. As soon as I am done tweaking the cart, I plan to move it over to our actual site (yes, another move).


Is there a tutorial anywhere for accomplishing a move such as this? I've been searching everywhere and haven't come up with anything. Is moving from one server like this OK with OSC, or is it not recommended? Thanks for any pointers.

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