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Still no answer-IPN and digital downloads


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I've asked this question here several times over the past 5 months, and still haven't received an answer that fixes the problem.


I have Paypal IPN installed, have everything set according to the info found here:



Please read carefully as I have gotten answers before that are not to the question I have asked.

All parts of the transaction are working with the exception of the sending of an encrypted download link to the customer upon approval of payment. If I go in and change the order status manually the transaction is finalized and the customer can sign in and Download. I prefer to have this automated(and according to what I have read it should be that way).


So, can someone please help me to get this up and running. This project has been on the backburner for a while, I would like to focus on getting it operational. I have to say I am frustrated with the osc support forum, I see a lot of unanswered questions, and have received inquiries/ e-mails from people experiencing the exact problem I am having. I appreciate that this is a free contribution, but without some sort of active feedback, this IPN contribution is useless for Digital Downloads.


If no-one can answer my question, can someone offer an alternative to hosting/selling digital downloads?


I apologize for my attitude in this post, but my service provider sends me here when I inquire about the issue, and when I come here I end up with no solutions. It is quite possible the problem is due to my inexperience, but I though that is the purpose of this forum, to help the user.

I am also willing to pay/hire someone to get this to work if there is anyone here with experience with this situation specifically.


Thank you for any assistance you can offer.



Frustratedly yours



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See if THIS might work?


Thanks h2oHOH! I am going to install ASAP.


In the meantime I got ipn to work! I also had Express checkout installed, I noticed that the status was saying pending even though I didn't have pending in the IPN settings. So I looked further and found that express checkout had pending set, and was taking priority when the sale was going through. Disabling Express checkout fixed the problem! Over the time I was trying to get this working I must have made an error(noobie)








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