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two currencies and languages mess-up orders


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i don't know what i did wrong, everying is working until i tried the test order, and then 2 orders with the same order# but different prices, which i found out later that they are different currency. In the order history page, the order detail showed the following(item priced:$100):


Sub-Total: $86.00

Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00

便利箱 (最佳): NT$5

總計: NT$105

Total: $91.00


however, i've already deleted the second currency/language(english), so the english part shouldn't show up, the NT$ is the one i want, and i have no idea where the other currency came from, and i don't know which file to fix or where to fix.


the order history will show 2 order with the same order#, but if you select one, it will show you the complete order the above info, even in the admin it will show as two orders but different currency...... the funny thing is, the email i got for order confirmation is accurate with only one currency....


please help! much is appreciated!

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