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new install issues oscommerce-3.0a5


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Hi, I just did my first install of oscommerce (3.0a5). The server met all the prereqs, and the install itself completed with no errors, but bringing up the store itself, it gives a few errors -


1) when going to the admin page I get "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare posix_getpwuid() in /home/abend9b/public_html/store/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php on line 37". So I tried one fix of commenting out line 37 & 47, however that just led to additional errors. I have since replaced the modified file with the original one.


2) I noticed the welcome letter possibly has html formatting issues? "<li>Permanent Cart", <li>Address Book, <li>Order History, etc.


3) OK, well, after clicking on literally every link i could find, placing a bunch of orders, rating stuff, searching, everything except doing anything admin related (error #1 above), it actually seems to be working quite nicely! Kudos!


Additional info - I did chmod 444 configure.php, and renamed the install directory, so those 2 post configuration steps are complete. I also seemed to have had to set the includes/work directory to 777 before a huge slew of permission errors on the front page finally went away. Is there 3.0 documentation? The only stuff I saw was http://www.oscommerce.info/docs/english/ta...f_contents.html and that looks to be from 2005?



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Ah, so I am! Guess that teaches me to sleep sometime in the last 24 hours before making a post. Is a forum sysadmin able to move this thread over to the proper forum? I'd rather than than be told not to crosspost/doublepost/etc....


Apologies for the mis-post.

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