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Broken Live (Busy) Shop Help!


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Just visited my shop


and under my main navigation box

"categories" appears just the word confectionery which takes me to



It was working this morning as I had an order came through.

It is only on the default page of


If you go in via bestsellers to


the categories navigation is fine.


Any idea why??

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If you are running from a shared server, and someone else on your server is using OSC and have also cached their categories you have the danger of seeing theirs if you have the cache directory set to the default setting of /tmp/


Just go into admin->configuration->cache and chage the directory into one that sits in your site directory only.


You wont have this problem anymore then.


If you dont you will always have this problem when caching your site on a shared server.



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Your web server can cache certain parts of your shop. This saves making some queries over and over again. The result is faster loading and less load on the dB server.


The only real drawback I have come across is on some shared servers you and another OSC could have a common temp file which results in crossed up categories or manufacturers. It is easily rectified by making sure each account has its own temp file.


I hope I explained that so its understandable. You can enable your cache in the admin under tools.

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