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creating popup window from information box item


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can someone tell me what the correct syntax is for modifying an item in the information box listing so it creates a popup window using javascript? the syntax is driving me crazy........


I want to take the following item from the information box and add the javascript new


'<A href="http://fwdepot.com/drivers.html" target="_blank"><B>Driver Downloads</B></A><br>' .


and use the following javascript


<a href="java script:NewWindow('http://fwdepot.com/drivers.html','bbb','615','400','custom','front');">


can someone tell me how to mix the two statements together so it works in the information box please....?



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Here's what my wishlist contrib uses. (Well not my cotrib, but one I have installed.


<script language="javascript"><!--

function popupWindowWishlist(url) {









$customer_wishlist_string .= '<tr><td colspan="3" align="right" class="smallText"><a href="java script:popupWindowWishlist('' . tep_href_link('popup_' . FILENAME_WISHLIST_HELP, '','NONSSL') . '')"><u>'. BOX_HEADING_CUSTOMER_WISHLIST . ' Help</u> [?]</a></td></tr>' . "n"; // Popup link




Calls the script.


I thought you might be able to modify this to your needs. This is just an example.



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