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Add a rating system to contributions?


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I've been downloading a lot of contributions lately and its really hard to tell which are going to work, and which are going to cause big problems.


It'd be soo sweet if there was a quick rating system for them so users could share how easy it was to install, or how well it worked...something like that


just a thought

I need to read the rules more often...

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I really would like to see this feature implemented, I have developed a few modules for osC and have always tried to follow the coding standards as laid out here:




I would love to be able (not in the Hotscripts sense) to obtain feedback specific to the module, a download counter and comments/review/rating system would be really nice. The fantastic thing about osC is that I amagine this to be one of the scripts that most newbies try their hand at programming,


I know I did :-)


I also think there would be a few out there willing to 'quality control' some of the modules, I know everyone has to learn somewhere but some of the posted contributions can be a nightmare of sloppy code. Could we not include a little delay so someone with a good knowledge of osC can spend 15 minutes looking at the contribution and seeing if there are any obvious problems? Granted a few contributions would fall by the wayside if they presented difficulties, but as a result the standard and quality of the contributions should increase, which is beneficial to all users and osC in the longrun.


I would happily donate more time, energy and effort to this and I am sure other contributers would too. Regarding a counter for the contributions that is simple so we can all gloat in envy at the best contributions. I know I would be keen to get some form of 'community feedback'


I saw another post in the forums regarding finding a way to decide which modules should become part of the base osC code, some of them are really worthy of this and that rpresents the best part of the Open Source philosophy.


Thats my view anyway :-)






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I am totally new to OSc. And though it promises so much, I must confess to the frustration factor of downloading a module, getting 3/4 of the way through code-changes to find out the person writing the install instructions left something out.java script:emoticon(':nervous:')


If I am new, how do I know something is missing? How do I know that some unscrupulous person isn't writing some weird bug for my cart? How do I even know what I'm downloading works or that its the right choice for what I need?


I would greatly appreciate a rating/feedback system that also has screen shots of what the module is supposed to do after set-up. Give the community the power to freely express if the module is a "must-have" or a total "stay-away".


The rating also adds credibility to the community. Don't under-estimate the power of accountability. if developers knew they were going to be rated, they would be more careful in the details to make sure they aren't slammed by an unruly crowd.


On the other hand, it also provides a way to encourage developers when they have been working so long and hard exceptional projects. OSc can find out if a certain "popular" module should be made a permanent part of the code.


Please, consider this implementation seriously. I believe it would have a major impact on the way people view, partake and use the OSc projects and community.

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I agree and:


On top of that user review system would be great. So user can give direct feedback to the author and give hints and tips to each other and to the author.


I imagine it could be a message board where all existing contributions have their own forum. The top of each contribution forum can have a sticky note made by the author of the contribution which contains at least:


a download URL

author description

url with demosite

and....have to go now

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Definately needed!!! There is lots of great info here on the forum and lots of (good and not so good) contribs, but it needs MORE organization!!!!!!


This would be a great addition and improvement. I vote YES for anything that adds more structure and instructions.

Boom... Big butta boom.

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I think each contribution should include at least one screen shot of what the contribution does, that way you don't have to spend time installing it, only to find it doesn't do what you're after.


Time for the team to implement a rating system is a factor I'm sure... searching the forums is a good start while the Team are working on improving osC.



"The price of success is perseverance. The price of failure comes much cheaper."

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I think it would be great the ability to show them for date, name, author, etc. (most important for me is show by date)







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Now that we agree on all this, how is it done? It seems to me that it is not to difficult to make this (or most of it) possible for someone with some experience (I can be wrong).

Do we have to convince someone at osCommerce somehow? I am new to all this, but I don't think this thread itself is enough to make it happpen, or is it?

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This is not just a good idea. I think it is very necessary. Having some kind of rating system would greatly reduce the download-install-remove cycle for new users (like me).


The contrib site in general is confusing and difficult to navigate.


I would be willing to contribute in some way. What does it take to volunteer?


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