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The e-commerce.

Discovery that e-commerce site is NOT OSC!


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I just recently picked up a customer who requires a lot of help with their e-commerce site. Although it currently a working site, they need a number of new features.


I've been looking throughout this code (of the site I recently inherited) and it now seems as though it is a CRE Loaded site.


The owner was very surprised to learn this as their invoice specifically states that the web developer (located in Arizona) had built an OSC site. The owner certainly doesn't have a CRE Loaded registration, which makes the legality of their site questionable. Certainly, I will not have any ability to obtain technical support, or code updates from CRE Loaded without a valid license.


At this stage, I am offering my customer two options:

- Purchase a CRE Loaded license so that I can obtain support and updates

- Discontinue placing any further development money into this website and I will rebuild using the latest version of OSC.



I'm sure there is a natural bias toward OSC in this forum but I need your honest opinion....


I am leaning towards replacing this (mostly) functioning e-commerce site b/c:


- My customer's website seems a bit like a hack-job of modified code (not just CRE Loaded but OSC and custom code)

- CRE Loaded seems like a ripoff of OSC code and they charge for their version with no apparent advantages

- CRE Loaded website seems dysfunctional, appears to lack community support, and the few modules I can find, on their website, cost extra money

- OSC seems very organized, tonnes of free add-on modules, super fantastic community support (as well as commercial support)


The disadvantages of switching to OSC are:


- Short term pain and potential cost b/c I will have to duplicate some highly customized shopping cart features (such as three pull-down product attributes for each product - not sure if there is such a module available), etc.

- The web site is currently fully working


Perhaps that isn't a whole lot of disadvantages.


Your opinions are valued.

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Your client is much better of with a new site based on the original oscommerce and modified to suite their needs.

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osCommerce all the way, not only will your customer be happier in the mid to long term but if you plan on continuing development, so will you!


P.S. doesn't creloaded still have a free license?

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doesn't creloaded still have a free license?


yes they do


find out is if your client is on the free open source version, or on the PRO or B2B version.


aside from that,


I am not too familiar with either osC or CRE yet as I am still building my first site.

that said, I would have to say rebuild with osC, the prices for the addons for CRE are outrages.


I can't speck for CRE support but I can say that the vets here on osC are quite helpful

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