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Change for Categories Shown


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Hey everyone, just downloaded OScommerce and playing around with it. I'm currently working on the layout and I'm not sure how to get the categories listed to be showing all categories and sub-categories at once (w/o the need to click on a category link to see the subs under). I like that they are nested but want to see everything at the same time.


OR a little more complicated option is to have the sub-categories expand but when you click another category, to keep all previously clicked categories expanded. And maybe even eliminate options based on what you've selected. (For the duplicate categories. If I have a product in A and B category, I'll see that one instead of products JUST in A or JUST in B.)


Make sense?


I wasn't able to see a contribution with this or anything in the forums yet. Thanks so much for any help you might have!

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Look in includes/boxes/categories.php... there is something there about building the category tree with parent categories only that could be changed to parent and child categories. You could also browse a little more... here is just one that I found:




Awesome, thanks! I didn't even really look that much in the add-ons section. I guess I just thought it'd be a tweak that would be in the forums. Thanks Rebecca.. :)

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