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Feedback and help - almost done!


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G'day all, :rolleyes:


After reading one of the posts, i'm not game to put in the link address, please have a look at nanasxstitch dot com forward slash catalog, and let me know what you think. (Still not connected to the home page.)


I would like some help in inserting a background image in the main body - all the white bits should look like the info boxes - cant work out how to do it.


Also would like to add buttons to the Header where the standard icons are - cart etc - cant work that one out either. I would like two buttons to say LOGIN and REGISTER located under each other, I will add some suitable text after this one is figured out.


Your help and comments will be very much appreciated.

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I looked at your site, here are a few things I noticed:


I suppose this depends on personal opninion and taste, but if I were you I'd get rid of the "what's new here", "welcome guest" and "Let's See What We Have Here" messages.


I'd also get rid of xxxx requests since xxxx, my opnion is this info is nobody's business unless you're an old, established site with tons of visits and want to show off.


Your banner, have you tried centering it, or maybe do another one of a different size?

You've added buttons to the header for cart, my account and checkout, but now you basically have those links twice because they also are in the top bar, as text.


For log in, you could simply add a log in box, but again, personal taste.


Your shipping, privacy, conditions are emtpy, your contact page should include your name, address, phone number. People not seeing that kind of info will not trust a shop therefore not buy from you. If you're a serious business you have to show it, remember potential buyers can only go by what they see on your page.

Add details on payment options, return policy, where do you ship? worldwide? add that info as well.


Along the lines of making a serious shop, you should also get an SSL certificate, better if a private one. Again, most buyers won't enter sensitive information on unencrypted pages. Then put your SSL incon on the home page, very reassuring to customers.


Something I don't understand is "all images subject to copyright, do not remove", it's fine to copyright your images, but what exactly do you mean by "do not remove"? if you mean "don't copy" or similar, well, people are gonna copy and save your images not matter what you do, and even if you disable right-click, it is easily circumvented. If you want to prevent hot linking there are codes to do that.


In your root, yoursite.com, I see "Please remember to click the BACK button on your browser so that you can come back to us." under the Ebay icon. In my experience people usually won't hit the back button, they will just close the page, then they will have lost your site and will be annoyed. With your ebay icon, add the code that opens the link into a new browser tab, this way it's easier on visitors.




~ Don't mistake my kindness for weakness ~

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