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Import of OScommerce attributes via CSV file


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I have a csv file, something like this (but longer):


products_id	  ;model ;options			
1249		 ;FY228;1 Pink| 2 Blue|Assorted|Holding|Praying			
957			 ;DRG130;1 Purple| 2 Blue|Assorted			
1690		 ;KN126;A Axe| B sword|Assorted			
2306		 ;RS56;A Bat Down| B Bat up|Assorted			
312		 ;BOX09;A Black| B Green|Assorted			
308		 ;BOX05;A Black| B White|Assorted			
976		 ;DRG150;A Blue| B Green| C Purple|Assorted			
1259		 ;FY239;A Blue| B Green|Assorted|GREEN|Pink			
309		 ;BOX06;A Blue| B Orange|Assorted			
1229		 ;FY206;A Blue| B Pink/Purple|Assorted			
1243		 ;FY222;A Blue| B Red| C Orange|Assorted			
1237		 ;FY216;A Blue| B Red| C Orange|black|Assorted			
974		 ;DRG148;A Blue| B Red| C Purple| D Green|Assorted			
130		 ;ANG46;A Blue| B Red|Assorted


All option names are "option" and values are as listed above.

How can I import this CSV into my DataBase? :huh:

Any help would be greatly appreciated ; )

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Yes, But it's impossible to change my CSV file format to EZpopulate :/


Nothing's impossible! If you can figure out a consistent pattern to go from your file to EZp's format, you should be able to write a utility to do that. If your PC or server is Linux (or another Unixy OS), you might be able to cobble up an "awk" script to split apart each line of your file and reassemble it as comma-separated line (or whatever EZp wants). At worst, you'll have to go into a scripting language (like PHP or Perl) or C, and cobble up your own converter. But it can be done.

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Use Excel:


Import all data to one column then use EDIT > REPLACE replace | with semicolon




Should split it up usable columns

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