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send emails...slow...


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My provider where I have my website does not allow to send more than 300 mails per hours.I have 3244 accounts on the site you want to send mails to everybody every time you put new products on the site.

Can you make a program programmed to send mail? Program to be able to send many mails per hour and most important not to send mails to the black list.


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To prevent overloading of Net connections, and keep servers from being blacklisted as spammers, many hosts now severely limit the number of emails you can send per hour and per minute. Unfortunately, many programs (such as osC) simply dump thousands of emails in the hopper all at once, without attempting to limit the number per minute or hour.


You have a couple of choices:


1.) Turn off your notifications and newsletters to customers, and use an external mailing list program such as PHPlist. It can be configured to limit its mailing rate to stay within your host's limits. The problem with this is that you need to find a way to export your email address list, which may involve some custom coding to read your customer database and build an address file in PHPlist's format.


2.) Go poking through osC's code, and where you find the PHP code to mail a newsletter or notification (possibly using the PHP mail() function -- I haven't looked), put a sleep(15); statement immediately after. This should cause osC to limit output to 4 emails per minute, or 240 per hour (giving you some breathing room for individual order emails and incoming emails). It's worth a try.

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You could also use an external smtp server - your isp may not set a limit on outbound mail. Or you could pay someone for smtp - we use a company called Simply Mail Solutions for imap and are very happy with them. As part of the deal we get the use of their smtp server. We send a lot less mail than you though.

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