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The e-commerce.

Is there a help file or tutorial?


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*cough* I was a newbie once ... and not a very bright one at that ... :shock:


I wouldn't know what to search for or what was a commonly asked question if you handed me a list.


And while we all see that nice menu in the left and right corners of the screen and beneath the posts ... most people don't as they have not yet been desenthetised to a new screen ... a new help ... excited over a new program ... and haven't a clue where to begin.


If you don't like to post the link for folks to help them ... skip the question ... :D


Let the newbies learn what it's like to be a newbie and not be scared off from day one cause the big kids might get too big for their britches.



I recall a lot of folks being newbies ... and a lot of *dumb*, *repetative*, *never-ending* questions. :wink:


But you know? Sometimes I learn something new by that *dumb*, *repetative*, *never-ending* question, or gain a new insight by a helpful answer that went along with it.

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LOOK - Will all you newbies run the SEARCH feature before making useless posts?!!!!


I am sick to death of posting this link:


If the search feature was any good they might be able to make use of it..sorry we might be able to make use of it!


I try not to moan as its all given free...software and support...but honestly I got a mate to pay 100 dollars for a cvart and because it would not upload images I looked around and came across this one..........at times I wished I had stayed BUT I am doing things in his cart we could only dream of in the other one but the fact remains.....documentation is very poor. Even the installation docs but the FAQ is very poor also.


The refusal/reluctance to rename 2.2 to 2.3 for post Nov snapshots is causing no end of confusion as is the use of 2.1 as the latest stable release. What a waste of time installing 2.1 no one supports it with contribs and no one remembers how to configure it etc. newbies are always told to use 2.2 so why a big effort to discuss the state/changes needed to make it easier for 1. newbies to get started and 2. old hands to give support. A decent Faq system would IMHO be a major start.


Now I am only saying this to reply why its IS so hard for a newbie to get going. NOT to slag anything or anyone off....I hope you all understand this.

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Sorry  :huh:


why be sorry dude.


I am sure that everytime you post that link you stop another god knows how many posts but there are so many posts to the forum and it not the friendliest forum for allowing you to search on threads authors, topics etc


I am sure people are greatful for any help they can get and the fact you find it a chore and others comment like me and linda mean something might get sorted a bit sooner with regard to stream linning.......we can only hope :)

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