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USPS and Serbia?


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Ok, I have searched the forum for problems with usps.php and Serbia and could not find a real answer.


The current ISO 2 code for Serbia per the ISO site at http://www.iso.org/iso/pressrelease.htm?refid=Ref1031


Serbia and Montenegro assigned ISO country codes


The Republic of Serbia has been assigned the following two- and three-letter codes: RS, SRB.


I found several posts here that claimed the 2 letter code for Serbia is SR (not RS), but I am inclined to believe the ISO web site. SR is clearly the code for Suriname, not Serbia.


After I added Serbia, RS, SRB to the Countries list in in Admin Location/Taxes Countries, I got the following error from USPS during checkout:

United States Postal Service

-2147219080 - Missing value for Country.


UPS came up as follows (I don't know if this is correct, but I didn't get an error)

United Parcel Service (1 pkg x 3 lbs total)

UPS Saver $173.42


I tried Serbia, SR, SRB and got a quote response from USPS, but the postage was different than what I got for Serbia through "CALCULATE POSTAGE" on www.usps.com. This leads me to believe that SR was really giving me the qote for Suriname, not Serbia.


I'm using:

$Id: usps.php 3.0.2 2009-01-02 04:59:07Z user $

if that makes a difference, but I am thinking this may actually be a USPS problem rather than a usps.php problem. Can anyone help?

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I just yesterday had a customer ask me to add Montenegro to my country list. He also mentioned to look for Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and also Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In admin I added "Montenegro ME MNE"

and "Serbia RS SRB".


I only use USPS for my shipping option. I edited the country list found in .../catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php. I added the 2 letter codes and also max insurance amount for the above 2 countries. Max insurance is zero for Montenegro and $5000 for Serbia according to what I found on the USPS site. I also temporarily uncommented the debug email line in the same file:

mail('your_address@your_domain.com','USPS rate quote response',$body,'From: <your_address@your_domain.com>');

I added shipping addresses to my test customer account and went thru to the shipping page. You can verify in the debug email you will receive from USPS that RS seems to be correct for Serbia.


I did not try to complete the order, but seems to be good up to and thru the shipping page!


Hope this helps in some way.


Cheers, Jeff

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Thank you Jeff for your accurate and speedy reply!!!!!!!


Serbia now works after I edited .../catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php, as you said, to add Serbia and Montenegro with the RS and ME codes. It totally escaped me that I had to edit this file in addition to adding the codes in Admin to the Countries list.


The USPS response now works and gives the same postage for Serbia that I got from "CALCULATE POSTAGE" at www.usps.com.



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