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New Pruducts issue


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As I see there is a lot of topics about new products issure, gravitating arround how to force them show or not show all the time.

I did not see any sugestion about controlling the period in which the product are added to be shown. The default is : previous moth;

If this is set to the : last 6 monts or last year and the option"show products added on date" is off we should get a result of showing new products for a longer period they have been added without showing when they have been added...

and if this period is set to :

"today" or "westerday" there will be no products shown for more then one day.

Actually, what I would like is to replace this feature "New Prfuducts" with compleatly new: "Featured Products", where I can add products of my choise.

I did see somthing about it, but lost the tread, and now have do the task again.

I think the "Special" module can do the job; If it is copied as new module"Featured" and added to the administrator and all coresponding files there will be two specials modules;

The corrections in the "Featured" modul files shoud remove the discount option: new price, two prices etc.

Then can be add ed any products in this section of our choice;

Any oppinion will be of help.

Thank you;

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