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Trouble with contribution PDF catalog


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Hi !


I'm triying to implement the contribution PDF Catalog v 2.09. I've got a problem, I can't get it working.


According to the notice Ive reinstalled the latest pdf catalog version(09/2008).


At one point in the how to install.text, they are talking about” To configure the script, edit the file catalog/admin/pdf_config.php, catalog/pdf_config.php and the file

catalog/pdf_catalogue_info.php! The files contain the necessary instructions!”


I edited all the files and couldn’t find anything to change. I’ve noticed that both catalog/admin/pdf_config.php and catalog/pdf_config.php are identical. I am mistaking to think that they can’t be the same file?


Well I am at the stage I need to configure the “generate pdf” from the admin interface. When I clicked on generate Pdf, it runed the script for 10 sec and nothing happened. It refresh the pages with the html layout (admin left hand side menu and title Generate catalog!)


I am trying to generate a dynamical catalog on the customer interface. The user will be able to select a category and generate a catalogue with the categories selected.

The customer can select 2 options : the first one will consist to generate one catalog for all the categorie, the second will leave the choice to the customer to select the categorie he likes and he ll get as many catalog as selected categories

When we click on the generate button, it runs the pdf_download_katalog.php . the screen is blank and I can’t spot the mistake in this file.


All your ideas are welcome.


I really appreciate your help and comment to sort that one out.

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