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Hi all,


Need help with this problem.. I've been tweaking things here and there (yes I backed up my database and oscommerce files) but I've forgotten some of the changes I made and I'm hoping this would make sense to someone immediately and could tell me what's wrong.


I created some special products and made some bogus purchases for test purposes. Let's say one of the products is a DVD. Everytime I view this DVD, there is a box at the bottom middle screen with the heading "TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS". I must've deleted the original words. I think I wanted to remove the whole ability to show related purchased products.


At any rate, this box never appeared before tonight. One major thing I changed was that I installed the Featured Products contribution. Do you think this may have something to do with it? Anyways, DVD wasn't the only product I "purchased", I tested other products as well including my specials, but when I viewed all those other products, there was no "TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS" box. So why is it that only DVD would show it?


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I have no idea why it would show up undefined for some products and not for others, unless only that product happens to "trigger" the "also purchased" box display...


The text is defined in includes/languages/<language>/product_info.php:

define('TEXT_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS', 'Customers who bought this product also purchased');


and is used in includes/modules/also_purchased_products.php.

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