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Hi everyone,


Can anyone please tell me if there is a way that I can get a report to show all products in my store that are currently inactive?


I have looked through the reports contributions and cannot seem to find one, I have been through the configuration in my admin and cannot find anything there to help and I have been through the forums and cannot find anything similar. I am not clued up enough to write my own contribution for this so am a little stumped.


I have the low stock level report contribution which shows all products once they reach a certain stock level but my problem is that when some of my products are discontinued (we just sell them off in our studio) and I just set them to inactive on my oscommerce store - which obviously means that the stock level currently may be more than what is needed to show on the low stock level report.


I have realised that instead of just setting the product to inactive, I should adjust the stock level also and then they would show up on the low stock level report but this doesn't help me find all the inactive products that I have done up to this point.


I dread the thought of trawling through all my products one by one to find them and in the future I will also update the stock amount to ensure they show on the other report so that they can be easily found, but I do not want to remove the products altogether, just in case in the future they come back in.


If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.


Many thanks ;0)

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SELECT `products_id`, `products_quantity`FROM `products` WHERE `products_status` = 0 GROUP BY `products_id`


This will show you products that are inactive (status = 0) and how many of them you have.

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