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The e-commerce.

Has anyone ever tried a paid newspaper placement directory?


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I have been curious about trying newspaper ads for my ecommerce stores for awhile now, but I have been pretty reluctant. Have any of you guys ever seen one of those websites that will put your newspaper ad in like a gazillion newspapers, for about $150 or so???


You can also get some different types of deals, depending on if you want to spend more (or less) money. But I have yet to try ANY of their package deals. Has anyone else here tried this? Or how about just advertising in your local newspapers?


The main reason why I am skeptical about this is becuase of the fact that every time I look in a newspaper, I already see so many ads that are for websites that it isn't even funny, and I'm assuming that no one ever bothers to read those types of ads anymore, since they downright looks spammy..........

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I don't know about newspapers, but I advertised on a radio station web site around Christmas and it was terrible. The stats from people coming from that site were awful, and this was a full color side banner ad and also a header at the top (rotating, so it wasn't there all the time, but still).


I don't know about newspapers, and I have no idea what you sell, but it sure didn't work for me. I have gone to a couple trade shows recently and that seems to be getting me more traffic than advertising ever did.

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