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The e-commerce.

How come that we didn't think about this?


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With all the great contributions we have here, How come that we didn't find appropriate solution for the issue below:

(please, if there is an answer for that don't be angry on me :-) )


Most of us are buying products from our suppliers/manufacturers, right?


Our suppliers have their own S/n (serial numbers) and we have mostly our own.


Now, we upload our own products (with our serial numbers) to our stores, by Easy Populate or other tool.


Always when we order products from our suppliers, we use their S/n !


We need each time to deal with comparison Supplier S/n... Ours.. etc...


Now for the solution I think it might save a lot of headache, and will put OSCommerce a great step above from all other competitors!! am I a dreamer ;-)


Now if we had a contribution that we could upload a table to the DATABASE like all Our S/n and their parallel S/n of the manufacturers (lets call it CONVERTOR table) , then with a simple PHP code that will process our "orders" with the data we stored in our CONVERTOR table, we could download a complete excel file which will be sent to our suppliers as our orders !


Any comments? idea's ? will be happy for any cooperation !


Thanks for the attention !



Best Regards,


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