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admin/modules.php showing few payments only?


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Hi there,


I am not sure why this happened, but somehow from admin/modules/payments all I see is few of the payment modules and is not giving me the option to edit them as before


here is a shot of what I see now:




Anyone has a clue why this is happening?


Can it be a permission issue?


thank you in advance!



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Im still working on a solution on this one but haven't found one yet.


Any suggestions Please?

What about doing a "view source" in your browser to see if there is an error message? The right column is not showing so that seems likely an error.

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The weird thing is that the right column does show up in modules/shipping and modules/order total


Is there a file I should check other than admin/modules.php?


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Never mind, I just found what was wrong


I had deleted of modification from googlecheckout and forgot to delete the file at includes/modules/payments


I did that and all my payments options came back as well as the right columns!



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