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product image problem


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can i ask why when i am uploading product images(.jpg), they will not load up, they come up blank. i got a few to load in one category but when i tried another, all were coming up blank, thought it was a size issue so made the image same as of those in the other category but they still don't work. Is there a way to fix this as i can run an oscommerce site if i can't upload product images.

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There is probably something wrong with your images. When you upload, do you get a message at the top of the screen saying that the image was successfully uploaded?


Look at the images directory in your FTP client. Is the image you just uploaded shown there? Is the image size zero?




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everything uploaded sucessfully which is the weird part and it isn't all the categories, i have a few categories one being stamps, all my stamp images loaded up fine, i then tried to load up a few comic images and they say sucessful but they come up with just a black bordered box with no image. Thought it was maybe the size so i resized down to the size of the stamp category ones but got the same thing, gonna try to delete the category and recreate it to see if that helps

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Can you display the images directly from your browser? http://www.yoursite.com/store-dir/path-to-...s/the-image.jpg? If not, one of four things happened:

1) you used a camera or PC image editor that produces non-standard JPEG files (I've heard of this happening). Can you successfully display the image on your PC's browser (File > Open File > select image)? If not, what are you using to create and edit images?

2) you corrupted the image file while handling or transferring it, such as uploading in ASCII mode instead of binary, or exceeding some system size limit on uploads

3) you have "hot link" protection against your images being displayed by other sites, and you failed to put your site on the "whitelist"

4) you uploaded to the wrong directory (you should get a 404 error when you try to display the image directly)


If you can display the image stored on your site, it means that the database is pointing to the wrong place or name for the product image. Don't forget that on Unixy systems (such as Linux), the name case must match exactly. CarbonBonnet.jpg is a different file than carbonbonnet.jpg.

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