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New Installation FUBAR


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I had a new osCommerce 2.2RC2a installation working pretty well on my Windows 2003 server. I had customer products configured, and most of the site setup. Unfortunately, something went bad when I tried to install the FexEx Realtime Quotes contribution and I totally messed things up trying to fix it. I ended up completely blowing away the site and starting over. I deleted the database in MySQL and deleted the catalog directory on the webserver. I then started the installation from scratch by creating a new database and downloading the osCommerce files and copying them to the webserver.


Now, when I run through the install process, the database tables are created correctly but the configure.php files are NOT updated. No database connectivity information is there. When I manually enter the db information (db name, db server, username and password, etc.) I can successfully open the admin or catalog pages. However, in the admin console something is amiss. The File Manager page is blank, and more importantly, the Modules page displays nothing but the modules path "/catalog/includes/modules/payment" (or /shipping or /order_total.) I have confirmed that the module files ARE in these locations but nothing is displayed.


I am at a loss as to what the problem is. I have deleted the database and the catalog directory several times, rebooted the server, and reinstalled several times with no change. Since the very first installation did not have these problems, I assume there must be something I am missing in the delete proces. Can anyone shine some light on this? I am getting very close to the go-live date!




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